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Tent replicas

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Mongolian Yurts We are deeply convinced that our products will put themselves to use even in today´s highly technologized world. Not only do they provide service, but also bring a tiny piece from the past. A message from people who did not know the term “ecology” and still they lived in the nature without killing it.
Gothic tents, series K
Merlin, Medieval Tents Landsknecht, Medieval Tents Herold, Medieval Tents
Tudor, Medieval Tents Windsor, Medieval Tents
Double Belled Wedge Tent, Medieval Tents Versailles, Medieval Tents Neolit
Teepe Dakota Teepe Seton Marquee, Medieval Tents
Cavalry Shetlers Camping Tarps
British Sahara WWII Sahara New Line M*A*S*H Tents


Considering the experiences (especially those in the last years) we strongly recommend you to place insurance immediately after purchase, as for camping ( or other usage) against natural hazards, theft, vandalism etc. and as for transportation and storage.

It is necessary to keep in mind that tents are usually the most expensive camping equipments and that their lost or damage can be of a big annoyance for your future camping (or business) activities.

Historical Tents - Replicas

Česká verze English version


Special offer
Delivery - Now

art.nr. 006-6026
4,9 x 3 m
complete set

100% cotton 320gr
olive green cloth
100% condition

Price: 17 168 CZK
or 716,- EUR
(+ shipping)

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